Johanna Innemee

My name is Johanna, mother of two and founder of Kinderfysiotherapie Amsterdam. I have been working as a child physiotherapist since 2007.
Since the start of Kinderfysiotherapie Amsterdam in 2007, the practice has grown and I now work alongside a team of warm and talented colleagues.
I get a lot of energy from working with children. All ages bring fun, new challenges. In addition, communication with parents, carers and all referrers is important for success, so I invest the time and energy into this.
I work at the practice as a physiotherapist 4 days a week, as well as being responsible for the running of the practice.
My specialisations within child physiotherapy are in treating infants with preferred postures and posture asymmetries, stimulating 0-2 year old motor development, treating babies and children with syndromes, neurological and orthopaedic problems. I also treat toddlers, preschoolers and school-aged children with gross and fine motor problems.
I am a baby massage teacher, training parents privately and in groups.

Sascha van Zweden

My name is Sascha van Zweden, mother of two adventurous and happy boys, Joep (2012) and Tijl (2014). I am creative, have an eye for detail, sporty, love skiing, travelling and much more. In short, I am active, versatile and interested in a lot. I’m always looking to develop myself.

In 2005 I completed my physiotherapy training and almost immediately started to specialise as a children’s physiotherapist (professional master’s degree in Utrecht 2010). Since then I have enjoyed working as a child physiotherapist and I have gained broad experience related to gross or fine motor development, sensory information issues, ASD, HB or ADHD, writing challenges, infants, (pre)adolescents with scoliosis or children with developmental problems due to a congenital disorder/syndrome, including Down syndrome. I have specialized in Sensory Information issues, (SI therapist). In addition, I have completed additional training in Schroth therapy (scoliosis-oriented therapy) and I am a certified Schroth therapist (2021). I am a certified baby wearing consultant and can help parents find and use the right baby wearing method for carrying infants and young children.

Every child is different and needs a different approach. That’s what makes my job so much fun! The central question I ask the parent(s) and, where possible, the child to ensure the right approach for them: what are the problems and wishes with regards to the development of the child? I will involve parents and if necessary others, such as teachers, in the treatment process, in order to work together for the best solutions and results. 

Fleur Groenen

Children are disarming and unique, which makes my work fun and varied!
Working with children gives me a lot of energy and fulfilment.

I work with your child to achieve their goal. In addition, to have a successful treatment, it is very important to have the cooperation and engagement of those around the child. For example, I aim to engage and have contact with parents, medical specialists, teachers or others involved.
I have extensive experience with infants with positional preference; infants, toddlers, preschoolers and children with motor problems or with or without underlying pathology, congenital disorders, syndromes, behavioural problems; children with writing problems, orthopaedic and sport-related complaints.
I am now specialized in treating children aged 0-2 years with a global developmental delay, hypotonia, pre- and dysmaturity, respiratory, heart, abdominal and nutritional problems.
Finally, I am a baby massage teacher and I teach pregnancy courses, ZwangerFit & BodyFit classes.

Caroline Polak

My name is Caroline, I’m married and mother of Jesse (’06) and Sophie (’09).
I have been working at Kinderfysiotherapie Amsterdam since the start of 2007 following on from my Sports Academy (’98), Physiotherapy (’01) and Paediatric Physiotherapy (’07) training. Over the years, I have taken several additional courses, such as sensorimotor integration, PCM(Infant flattened skull methodology), FOK(Physiotherapy for developmental disorders in children), early development and treatment of children with behavioural problems.
I have been a sensorimotor integration therapist since 2009.
I now have extensive experience of children with, among other things; preferential positioning, motor development delay (0-5 years) and stimulus processing problems.

I work 3 days at MOC ‘t Kabouterhuis Zuidoost (diagnosis and treatment of children with behavioral and/or developmental problems), 1 day at Olympiaplein and in the afternoons I see infants under 1 in their homes.
I have developed into a specialist in the field of children with special needs in dealing with, for example, ASD / ADHD and / or sensory processing problems.
Every child is unique and requires a unique approach, something I look for and work with.
My work is my hobby!