Child physiotherapy
will be reimbursed...

Child physiotherapy is reimbursed by the health insurer, a referral letter is not necessary!

Child physiotherapy is part of the basic insurance package and therefore the costs are deducted from your deductible. Your child is entitled to 18 treatments under the basic insurance. If parents have a supplementary insurance, even more treatment may be reimbursed. Find out more below.

Co-insured up to 18 years

In the basic health insurance package, all children up to the age of 18 are insured for free. This means that children are entitled to 18 treatments per term. If parents have supplementary insurance, your child may be entitled to an additional number of treatments in addition to the 18 treatments from the basic package. This can change every year. Check with your health insurer or policy to understand the number of treatments available for your child(ren).

For chronic conditions, children receive full coverage from the basic insurance package. A referral, from a specialist, is necessary for a chronic indication. Ask your insurer about the specific conditions of your insurance.

Our practice has established a contract with all health insurers, this means that we must declare the treatments directly to your health insurer. Therefore you will not directly receive an invoice. Many health insurers do send you, the client, an overview of the claimed treatments at a later date.

Is baby massage reimbursed?

Individual Baby Massage classes may also be covered by the insurer, through the reimbursement for child physiotherapy. This can apply, for example, to babies who are very restless, have colic as well as babies who have a lot of tension in their bodies. In addition, certain circumstances where there is a need to increase the bond between parent and child.
Whether the Baby Massage group course is reimbursed by your health insurer depends on your individual policy. To better understand your policy and what will be reimbursed, discuss directly with your own health insurer.

The Baby Massage course is not a treatment or therapy, unless it has been referred by a doctor or specialist. In these circumstances the treatments are submitted directly to the health insurer under child physiotherapy.